Low-power, community-radio puts media-production into the hands of regular people

But today, a handful of senators are blocking the way for new community radio licenses across America

You can help bring back local home-spun radio programs, after a 10-year ban.

Community radio will enable local residents all across America to create radio that addresses their needs in a direct, meaningful way, like this community radio project in an under-served section of San Francisco called Bayview Hunters Point.

But the FCC has frozen Low-Power FM licenses for 10 years, based on claims that tiny radio stations caused electronic radio-interference with large, commercial radio-stations. This claim was disproven by the FCC, and last year, the Community Radio Act sailed through the House of Representatives, with support from Republicans and Democrats alike.

Today, a handful of Senators, representing the interests of the powerful National Association of Broadasters, are blocking passage in the Senate. The National Association of Broadcasters represents the four richest radio behemoths, who have transformed radio across America into a generic wasteland of automated, identical radio stations.

With one phone call or email,
you can help empower communities all across America
to create their own local radio news, arts, editorials, rituals, and entertainment.
Urge your Senator to:

"ensure the McCain/Cantwell Local Community Radio Act, s592, passes before the end of the session. Community radio across the country has been blocked by unfair rules for 10 years. S592 will help restore much-needed diversity to our airwaves, bringing forth new voices and viewpoints that are often overlooked by large commercial broadcasters."

Email: http://act2.freepress.net/letter/lpfm/
Call: http://bit.ly/contactsenators

Artists Applaud Community Radio

Community Radio is Democracy in Action
John Weiss
Founder, BVHPRadio.org