Project Goals

  • Health: Bicycle boomboxes promote bicycling for health and fitness, addressing the problem of obesity.
  • Environment: Bicycling is an alternative to burning fossil fuels. Learning to build and repair things is a departure from the cycle of buy, discard, buy, discard.
  • Crime: Our youths will earn money building our product, an alternative to drug-dealing and theft.
  • Poverty: We teach tech for career development. 
  • Intellectual Development: Building electronics cultivates problem-solving skills, among teens who think that violence is the only solution.
  • Trauma & Healing: One third of youths in the community we serve suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, from exposure to violence. Building things is therapeutic and meditative. Our program fills youths' idle time with productive activities, so they will not get distracted by petty crime, gangs, drug-dealing, guns, and violence.
  • Community Building: Our goal is to build friendships across neighborhoods through group builds and group rides.
  • Human Development: Our activities create profound pride of accomplishment and self-empowerment: "When you build something powerful and beautiful, it makes you feel powerful and beautiful".
  • Bridge to Silicon Valley: The Bay Area is an international center of technology, yet an entire demographic has limited access to technological literacy. Our program addresses this disadvantage.
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