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Radio Studio Host

Memorandum Of Understanding

Date: JUNE 2010





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Description of Relationship:
The Radio Studio Host is an entity who maintains a radio production studio or facilities. The entity can be an organization, a loose collection of individuals, or an individual. The production facility can be located in a private or public institution, or a home. The radio studio will be a member of the BVHP Radio Network. Programs produced in the studio will be broadcast over the BVHP Radio Network.

Details of the Understanding


The radio facility managers agree to try to accommodate all of the following, to the best of their ability:

  1. Commitment to the BVHP Radio Mission: You cultivate an atmosphere of respect and positivity.
  2. Community Access: Provide free studio access to qualified community members, to practice their broadcast, to produce pre-recorded shows, and to produce live broadcasts.
  3. Allow community programs not directly relevant to your organization's mission: While no programming in your studio should disrespect the fundamental values of your organization, not all programming should serve the internal mission of your organization. Network studios are expected to provide a community service.
  4. Access to a Non-Consituent: You will reserve at least 1 radio slot per month to a member of the BVHP community who is not a constituent of your institution or group.
  5. Visible studio location: If at all possible, locate your studio in a place that makes on-air productions VISIBLE to the maximum number of passers-by. Possible locations include:
    • in a storefront or windowed room, at street-level, facing directly onto the street, on the side of your building with the most pedestrian traffic. 
    • in a room with an interior window, facing into the building, where the studio will be visible to passers-by inside the building.
    • outside your building.
    • inside your building in an open, public location.
    • in a public space, or at a public event.
  6. Broadcast our stream: Broadcast our AM/FM radio signal 24 hours a day/7 days a week, through your electrical power grid (called "Carrier Current"). It's safe and legal. BVHP Radio will install it for you.
  7. Public loudspeaker: Play our live broadcast through a public loudspeaker at least 1 hour per week, outside the time of your own broadcasts, at a time when it will be audible to passers-by (you will be able to program our system to automatically turn your loudspeaker on during the programs of your choice). BVHP Radio will do the installation. Possible locations include:
    • outside your building, facing directly onto the street, on the side of your building with the most pedestrian traffic. 
    • inside your building, where the loudspeaker will be audible to passers-by inside the building.
  8. Liability: Ensure that your organization has obtained a signed liability agreement with all Producers, by which each Producer agrees to take full responsibility for repair or replacement of any equipment broken or stolen during the course production (Producers are not responsible for normal breakdown of equipment). 
  9. Radio Studio protocols: Ensure that BVHP Radio Studio Protocols are in-place and adhered to (for example, Producers must Sign In, before they Sign On).
  10. On-air behavior: Ensure that programs produced in your studio adhere to BVHP Radio Civil Broadcasting Guidelines (for example, BVHP Radio does not tolerate hate speech against anyone, for any reason.)
  11. Network-wide initiatives: Participate fully in all Program Initiatives launched by the BVHP Radio Program Director or Program Committee (for example, the "Child of the Future" initiative asks that all producers devote 5 minutes of show-time to describing their ideal Bayview Hunters Point Child of the Future)
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