LPFM - Low-Power FM

What is Low-Power FM?

Low-Power FM (LPFM) is a type of broadcast radio license which allows a small radio station to broadcast on a standard FM radio channel. Details.

Why should we care?

A LPFM license would enable BVHP Radio to broadcast our signal to a wider range of local listeners, particularly those who don't have access to a computer, on standard FM radios.

Can we obtain one?

Hopefully. The FCC has placed a freeze on new FM licenses for several years.

The US House of Representatives passed a new law in 2009, ordering the FCC to re-open the LPFM licensing process. Details.

Now, we're waiting for the Senate to pass the same kind of law. Details.

Read the fun story here.

If the Senate passes the LPFM law, then we can apply for a license.

However, competition for LPFM licenses will be fierce. The licensing window may last only a month or two.

Can I help?

Yes! Call or email your Senator today, and urge them to support the LPFM bill, S.592. Click here for instructions.

Help BVHP Radio stay on top of this process by following it in the news-- let us know when something important is happening.

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