What's On?

  • Closing of Fresh & Easy: Jacob Moody, Executive Director of Bayview Hunters Point Foundation for Community Improvement, and Christina Goette, San Francisco Department of Public Health, both of the Southeast Food Access group (Christina's segment in-production).  

  • Violence in the Hood: Marcus Justice, Youth Counselor at Bayview Hunters Point Foundation: 
  • On Losing a Son to Gun-Violence: Mattie Scott, Executive Director of Healing 4 Our Families & Our Nation, confirmed. 
  • Bayview Footprints Newsletter on the Radio: Jeffrey Betcher, Executive Director of Bayview Footprints Community Network and Quesada Gardens: 
    StoriesHunters View Housing, Shipyard Tours, KALW at the Opera House (Ladies in Line, H.P., POWER, Kenny Hill - Food Guardian, Tracy Zhou - Toxic Tours, James Martin - Fatherhood Program, Raquel Miller - Olympiad, Ladies in Power, Quesada Gardens), Linda-Brooks Burton - In Memory, Closing of Fresh & Easy, Nutrition Soldiers. 
    Community Calendar: Movie Nite, Shakespeare in the Park
  • Housing Rights in the Hood: Menelik, Bayview resident born and raised, in production.
  • From Recovery to HVAC: Cameron Gow, owner of Gow Supply Company, Bayview, confirmed. 
  • Healthy Food Access: Barbara Ockel, Bayview Opera House: 
  • Shipyard Studios History, Family Art Day, and Open Studios: Cristina Ibarra, ArtSpan, and artists Richard Bolingbroke and Stacey Carter, Shipyard Trust for the Arts: 
    • Part 1: Shipyard Toxic Waste Cleanup Primer:
    • Part 2: Shipyard Trust for the Arts, A Short History.  Music provided by the Shipyard band, Third Date:
  • Brothers Making Change: Diane Gray, Bayview Association for Youth, 100% College Prep Institute, confirmed. 
  • Wheels of Bayview: Carl Craig, Leader of the Fo' Fifteen Car Club, confirmed.
  • Ethiopia to Bayview: Eskender Asaged, Owner, Radio Africa Kitchen.  
    Text transcript of this program
  • Quality of Life: Francisco Da Costa, Director at Environmental Justice Advocacy, & CEO at Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation: 
  • 1966 Bayview Riots: 3 Residents Remember (produced by Alka Joshi):
  • Making Bayview's Economy BRITE (produced by Alka Joshi, BRITE Communications Chair):
  • Featuring:
    • Shawn Williams, Master Chocolatier - Feve Artisan Chocolatier
    • Christin and Matt Trahan - All Good Pizza
    • Forest Gray, Founder & Chairman - Speakeasy
    • Rebecca Jean Alonzi, Owner - Rebecca Jean Catering
    • Shuai Chen, Executive Director - S.C.R.A.P. Scrounger Center for Reuseable Art Parts
    • Nate Watson, Executive Director - Public Glass
    • Flora Grubb, Owner - Flora Grubb Gardens
    • Roxy Blank, Manager - Archimedes Banya
  • Community Market: Dan Dodt, Market on 3rd owner, in production.
  • Environmental Justice in the View: Tracy Zhu, Environmental Activist, confirmed. 
  • Crack to Prison to Bicycles: George, resident of Alice Griffith Housing, in production. 
  • Community Legal: Adrian Tirtanadi, Esq., Executive Director, Bayview Hunters Point Legal, confirmed.
  • Music: Marvin Robinson, Bayview native, former Program Director for KSOL, top radio station in San Francisco, in the late 1980's, confirmed.
  • Street Survival: Claude Carpenter aka Bone Life, recording artist, father, and Bayview native, in production. 
  • Rappin' Life: Anthony King aka Capo, local recording artist (language advisory) :
  • Neighborhood Park Revitalization: Vanessa Banks and Antoinette Mobley, Friends of Youngblood Coleman Park, in production.
  • DJ Skills: Lamont Young, Fingersnaps DJ School, in production.
  • Teen Girls on Relationships, Teen Boys on Violence: Mike Yoshioka, City of Dreams, two separate youth radio teams, in production.
  • Original Bayview Poetry: Jessie Whiley, poet, in production.
  • Spirituality: Sudeep Rao, social entrepreneur and yoga instructor, in production. 
  • Youth-Produced Music: various Bayview youths, in production. 
  • Bayview Music Production: Jedi, local recording artist, confirmed.
  • Health in the Hood: Yvonne, resident of Alice Griffith Housing, confirmed. 
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