Create A Network Radio Studio

What is it?The radio project is comprised of many small radio studios, all over Bayview, Hunters Point, Visitacion Valley, and Potrero Hill, as described in our Vision. As a radio studio Host Organization, you will house one of these radio studios, in which community members, and constituents of your organization, will produce weekly or monthly radio programs. 

You'll have the opportunity to shape your studio's emphasis, tone, and personality.

Studios are asked to give citizens access to your studio to produce programming which does not directly serve the mission of your organization. But you will be empowered to define appropriate behavior and appropriate radio content. 

Where can it live?A studio needs a permanent home, within the vicinity of Bayview, Hunters Point, Visitacion Valley, and Potrero Hill. It's users will be local residents and community service-providers in your area. It could be located in a hospital or clinic, in a garden, a storefront, a school, a senior center, a church or spiritual center, a library, a private collective of some kind, a retail store, a coffeeshop, an apartment building or other residential center, etc.

What do we get?

The BVHP Radio Network will:

  • plan, design, and set up your radio studio, suited to your space, budget, and needs.
  • provide equipment, at-cost, and we'll research best prices.
  • install equipment.
  • maintain the equipment, year-round.
  • train everyone who uses your studio.
  • broadcast programs produced in your studio over the southeast-sector radio network to listeners around the world.
  • route listener call-ins to your telephone, when your studio is on-air.
  • automatically archive your shows.
  • provide a homepage for your studio on our website, and homepages for each show produced in your studio.
  • provide fundraising guidelines, materials, sample documents, and grant info.
  • possibly, provide donated equipment


  • One-time Startup cost: depending on the type of studio, from $500 (for a basic talk-show studio) to $3,000 (to broadcast live concerts, spin turntables, and create complex pre-recorded productions, etc)
    • Equipment
    • Room preparation (depending on your need)
  • Annual operating cost: $1,000 to $3,000 (tbd)
    • Annual equipment maintenance
    • Annual distribution fee
    • Annual website and email fees
    • Annual resource costs, such as access to 3rd party music libraries, sound effects, or copyrighted content, depending on your need (this item may be paid by your producers individually for their own shows, as appropriate).

Participation in the network will have some expectations, such as pledging to treat all network members with tolerance and respect.... locating the studio in a highly-visible place.... and adhering to our technical standards (to ensure a clean, quality sound). Read our Host Memorandum of Understanding to learn more about your responsibilities, as a Studio Host.

We're Ready!

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