Core Values


BVHP Radio believes TRUTH is an essential ingredient to community health. Therefor, each radio program will be allowed the freedom to express the true-life experiences and perspectives of it's producer.

Diversity of Opinion

Sometimes, important voices are too quiet to be heard or recognized. This radio project actively strives to give a voice to divergent perspectives. Opinions will not be controlled by any one point-of-view.


BVHP Radio believes an epidemic of rudeness has infected mainstream media, and destroyed rational, thoughtful discussion. On BVHP Radio, abiding on-air interruptions of on-air guests is a violation of network policy.


We believe the secret to non-violence can be found in the traditions of the people. Neighborliness is a traditional value here, and a culture of civility is essential to cultivating a culture of non-violence. That's why simple courtesy is one of the cornerstones of this project.


Whether or not your target is "able to respond", personal attacks are unacceptable radio behavior. Hate radio of any kind will not be tolerated.


The project will promote communication between producers and listeners through in-person meetings, email, chat, live on-air phone talk, voice-mail, and web-comments. Shows can respond to each other on-the-air.


This project creates a family of radio producers which cuts across social boundaries. Through this microcosm we can explore our relationships, and find common ground in spite of our at-times conflicting goals, in an environment of civility and respect.


Our goal is to give the community something they cannot get anyplace else. Therefor, we discourage material that can already be heard on existing radio stations.


This project will promote transformation through excellence-- in programming, presentation, production, and audio quality-- through training, role-modeling, guidance, competition for air-space, awards, and technical standards.

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