THE BAYVIEW BOOM is now taking pre-orders for Tha Lil' Nug, a small but surprisingly bangin' 6-inch mid-woof. You plug your mp3 into it-- iPod, cell-phone, whatever. Stroll down the street with tha Lil' Nug bumpin' in one hand, or hang it from your bicycle handlebars and take your beats for a spin.

Your pre-purchase will enable The BOOM to: 
  • put electronics skills into the hands of more of our neighbors 
  • purchase capacitors, soldering irons, spray paint, and so on 
  • perfect our boombox design 
  • hire instructors, designers, and engineers
  • grow our community bicycle repair facilities 
  • and host more motorcycle repair classes. 
"Tha Lil' Nug" Portable Boombox $120
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