The BOOM is an Engineering School-of-the-Streets

Our mission is to reduce violence,
and nurture cognitive growth, physical activity, economic opportunity,
and local roots culture.

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 More than half of our apprentices are girls.

Bayview Boomboxes are handmade by residents of a unique community in San Francisco, called Bayview Hunters Point, and coordinated by The Bayview BOOM, an innovating, non-profit community development project.
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THE BAYVIEW BOOM is now taking pre-orders for Tha Lil' Nug, a small but surprisingly bangin' 6-inch full-range portable loudspeaker. You plug your mp3 into it-- iPod, cell-phone, whatever. Stroll down the street with tha Lil' Nug bumpin' in one hand, or pop it onto your bicycle handlebars and take your beats for a spin. 

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When a person builds something powerful and beautiful with their hands, it makes them feel powerful and beautiful.

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THE PEOPLE in the Bayview Hunters Point community have been struggling for decades, affected by the US Navy's radioactive waste dump, crack-cocaine, gun violence, substandard housing, and liquor stores. They are struggling with unemployment, homelessness, lack of access to health care, tainted soil, violence, mental illness, drug-addiction, severe health problems(1), and lack of appreciation. 

BUT THERE IS INCREDIBLE POTENTIAL HERE. These soulful folk represent a deep history. The young people are a precious creative resource, yet many lack the resources to be creative. The BOOM seeks to provide some of those resources.

  • We deliver our activities in the heart of the most troubled neighborhoods, often in backyards.
  • We provide mentoring in boombox electronics, bicycle repair, motorcycle repair, and more. Participants learn to use professional tools, techniques, and terminology.
  • We create apprenticeships for at-risk young adults in local vehicle shops, art studios, and machine shops.
  • Boombox sales teach entrepreneurship, and offer an opportunity to earn.
Because music is a vital part of Bayview Hunters Point culture, our boombox-electronics projects are highly appealing to hard-to-reach youths. Building an exciting and complex project engenders pride, and sense of accomplishment.


"I can feel the energy flowing through my body."
-Jonathan M, on probation, 15 yrs old, after a successful system test

Mechanical and electronic assembly and repair involve constant problem-solving, troubleshooting, and improvising. This gives our participants a much-needed sense of control, and the confidence to solve other, personal, real-life problems. These are transferable thinking-skills that our communities need. Assembly and repair projects provide unemployed or truant youths with a constructive, healthy alternative to destructive activities.

Help the BOOM upgrade our website, so we can build profile pages for all our youth-apprentices and artists. Please donate $10, $50, or $100.

Boomboxes will be covered with art created and donated by these generous artists. Click for more info.

The population of Bayview Hunters Point has a history of work in the trades. One unemployed young man from Double Rock describes his father as a busy electrical contractor during the 1980's. Those days are gone-- most local employers hire mostly non-residents. But the BOOM believes a revival of the trades may be the right prescription.

Our method is to develop a high-quality, bumpin' music product, designed to consumer standards, that can be built at low cost by our trained crafts-people. Then, we'll implement a street-savvy marketing strategy to get this product into the eager hands of B-Boys and B-Girls everywhere (that’s Bicycle Boys and Bicycle Girls)

Your pre-purchase will enable The BOOM to:
  • put electronics skills into the hands of more participants
  • purchase capacitors, soldering irons, spray paint, and so on
  • perfect our boombox design
  • hire instructors
  • grow our community bicycle repair facilities
  • and host more motorcycle repair classes.

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Bayview resident Tank prepares to assemble an amplifier circuit
under BOOM tutoring.

In 2011, the BOOM was proud to be awarded a $5,000 grant from the Black Rock Arts Foundation, non-profit entity of Burning Man. In 2012, we received a $1,500 grant from Hitachi Electronics.

We are fiscally sponsored by Empowerment Works, who has created economic development projects through arts and culture in Africa.

These local and international manufacturers and suppliers are donating tools and materials to the BOOM: Donors

To volunteer, donate parts or tools, or partner with us
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(1) Bayview-Hunters Point  residents suffer twice the average U.S. rate of asthma, cervical, and breast cancer, and have hospitalization rates that are three times the national rate for congestive heart failure, hypertension, and emphysema. Bayview-Hunters Point and the bordering neighborhood of Potrero Hill also have significantly higher rates of bronchitis and other upper respiratory diseases in children. More info 1, more info 2.

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